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Arizona Kenpo Self-Defense Systems Home of the "Red Dragons"

"We will change the world one child at a time"

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"We will change the world one child at a time"

The main focus of the training taught at Arizona Self-Defense Systems is on your mental and physical development. Some of the physical benefits that directly result from martial arts training include stress release, flexibility, muscle development, and development of the respiratory, circulatory, immune and digestive systems. Some of the mental benefits include a greater ability to focus, increased concentration and will power, and patience with yourself, and with those around you.

Little Dragons Program ages 4-8

Children benefit physically from the whole body exercise as well as mentally from the emphasis on safety, awareness, respect, confidence, concentration and cooperation. They will also learn to jump, kick, memorize short sequences of movements and hold positions which will strengthen muscles and improve concentration. Proper manners, etiquette, technique, coordination and body control are all stressed to maintain a safe, healthy and beneficial training experience.

Jr. Dragons Program ages 9 - 14

These students benefit physically from training with a variety of forms, which help to develop the strength, agility and stamina needed for active performance in sports as well as to help prevent injuries. They are also challenged mentally to remember longer, more complex forms, to interrelate with the Instructor and their peers with mature confidence and respect, to improve awareness and to develop good teamwork skills. Many parents have reported additional benefits including better grades, stronger family and peer relationships and improved outlook and attitude

Adult Program 15 - Up




Join us at Az Self-Defense Systems if;

You want to get in shape

You want to improve your confidence

You want to lose weight

You want something for good moral and ethical development

You want to increase your personal confidence

You want to improve your discipline You want to strengthen your mind and body

You want to be able to defend yourself

You want to feel like you have more control of your life

You want to feel less vulnerable

You want to improve your self-knowledge

You want to improve your social network and make new friends

You want to communicate more effectively with your children (Family Programs)



Home of our Reality Based Child Abduction Training

"I Wont Go!"





Red Dragons Dojo

10820 N. 43rd Ave Glendale Arizona 85304



Now in El Mirage!!!


12420 West Thunderbird Rd

El Mirage Mercado

Classes start on 7/1/2014



Call 602 670-6622 for information on class times or email us at:


Womens Self Defense Classes

Kick- Boxing, Conditioning, Rape Prevention, Weight Reduction

                     Come Join Us Every Tuesday at 6:00pm